Raptor shear baler

Designed for rapid and total mobility. The Raptor is the only one to have a preload box "fully integrated" into the structure. The Raptor's hydraulic stabilizers ensure fast loading/unloading and positioning. High-strength and thick bronze/aluminum (BrAl) and self-lubricated guides for the header assembly. Highly reliable magnetic limit switches, properly protected, equipped with operation indicator light and monitorable from the main switchboard. Software for optimal management of the motor and the "Automatic Shearing and Pressing Cycle."


Eurobaler hydraulic press

Environmentally friendly scarricable scrap press with automatic pressing cycle. Standard case lengths: 485 cm and 530 cm. Weight from 19.6 to 23.2 tons. Designed for quick and total mobility. Eurobaler with control station, motor unit with soundproofed crankcase, air cooling, motor unit with soundproofed crankcase, water cooling.


Alligator shear

Metal shear with blade driven by hydraulic cylinder, especially suitable for reclaimed materials.



Universal cable strippers, for armored cables made of steel or lead or P.V.C., PTFE or rubber.

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