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EUROMEC, born from the merger of Eurohydromec and Isomec, aggregates fifty years of experience gained in the field of materials handling, and is at the top of European production. EUROMEC is an industrially and technologically advanced company located in the province of Brescia, an area of ancient engineering and iron and steel tradition. It has built large and sophisticated lifting machines and equipment, for leading Italian and foreign companies, for material handling in different sectors: port, iron and steel, metallurgical, cement, timber, and in the ecological sector in the most impressive and modern facilities for the incineration and recycling of waste of all kinds. Its advanced know-how is a guarantee of quality for the entire range of its products. Euromec's technical department and marketing department are available to customers for the solution of any need.

ISO 9001:2008

The euromec quality system is certified under ISO 9001:2008 in the field of design, manufacture, marketing, and service of grapples, grabs, and hydraulic equipment for excavators and truck cranes and from electrohydraulic equipment for overhead cranes.


Euromec's suppliers for about half a century have guaranteed the most qualified special steels (see hardox 400) always with the same title and always guaranteeing their high quality and technology.


Follow a project through the various stages of its evolutionary development, from design to implementation and deployment. Maintain close contact with the Customer in order to best meet his needs. Establish teamwork between EUROMEC and the Client. As strategic problem-solving consultants, we first focus on the overall project, defining its specifications, objectives, and constraining factors; then we analyze it in detail, through construction design, resource and cost planning, and defining the steps for its actual implementation. By doing so, we are able to provide an innovative and competitive product in the market.

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